Board of Directors

The purpose of the Board is to promote and advance the mission of GSCS in the education of students, and the sustainability and growth of our school rich in Catholic Faith. The Board collaborates with the Pastors and works in partnership with the Principal for a successful academic and financial future. Our Board members bring varying professional expertise and knowledge to create policies supporting the creation of a viable school strategic plan.

  • Stephanie Barto, Holy Trinity
  • Gregory Chajnacki, Ed.D., Queenship of Mary (Vice Chair)
  • Susan Parker, School Principal
  • William Ehritz, St. Peters
  • Richard Goch, MBA, Queenship of Mary
  • Patricia Karo, St. Peters
  • Dr. Robert Langan, M.D., Holy Trinity                    
  • Msgr. Gerald Gobitas, St. John the Baptist (Pastor Representative)
  • Drew Maron, MBA, Blessed Virgin Mary (Chair)
  • Fran McGouldrick, Queenship of Mary (Development Chair)
  • Michelle Weaver, St. Nicholas (Enrollment Chair)