Letter from our new Principal

Aug 28, 2016

Dear Good Shepherd Community,

I wanted to take a moment to say hello and share with you some thoughts about

becoming principal at Good Shepherd Catholic School. In my first few days as principal,

I have set up my office, met with faculty members, read up on policies and procedures

and begun various administrative duties. It has been a pleasure to learn the inner

workings of this building so I may form my vision for the 2016-2017 school year with the

information I’ve gathered so far.

People have welcomed me with a unified interest at heart: the children of Good

Shepherd Catholic School. This shared interest in our most treasured gift will unify our

individual needs into collective goals. By developing a deep love for Christ, our children

will have the proper values to understand what to do with what they learn. We are

committed to bettering the lives of others by doing His work.

In the coming school year, I am calling for a show of unity to work towards

making sure people associate Good Shepherd Catholic School with a deep faith formation

and excellence in academics. I have happily joined the team to add support and guidance

to our mission. My educational experience and professional training have allowed me to

accept this position with confidence. The reality of starting this position in such an

enthusiastic environment has been a true joy.

Please call us at 610-262-9171 if you would like to schedule a meeting with me. I

can also be reached via email at mrcrescenzogscs@gmail.com. I look forward to a great

journey together!


JP Crescenzo